Our expertise comes from having done the intense work of transformation throughout our professional careers. In fact, our team has actually walked the talk in many traditional and startup environments. We’re proud of our track record which includes founding and growing companies into responsive organizations of considerable size or running large organizations in corporate structures. Today, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming even more companies by creating future organizations that are OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Dr. Frank Klinkhammer

After studying physical chemistry and completing postdoctoral research, Frank began his second career in the IT industry in the mid-1990s.


He has significant experience in both traditionally structured companies such as IBM, Unilog and Logica and in successful consulting industry start-ups. In all his various positions over the years his objective has always been to build up, realign or restructure organizational units and companies.


During his tenure as Netcentric CEO, Frank used experiences in traditional structures and his knowledge of their limitations, to champion one of the largest Holacracy implementations in Europe.


Today, he shares his knowledge as an advisor, board member and investor for organizations in traditional and startup settings. His passion is to help move them towards being responsive organizations that are out of this world.

Melanie Vones

Melanie’s professional journey has taken her from business mediation, to human resources to sales and account management. Many of her roles have been related to developing organizations and their people in high-growth digital marketing environments.


Throughout her career path change and transformation have been pivotal.  Her experience have led her to the conviction that the human is at the center of every successful transformation.


During her role as Holacracy Ambassador at Netcentric, Melanie designed and launched responsive organizational structures, developed training concepts and supported employees as well as leaders in the development of new skills. She then used her knowledge to advice, support and guide partner companies in their responsive transformations.


Today she assists organizations and their people in designing and implementing their own paths to responsive work.



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