We disrupt your mindset, question your old behaviors and break your old habits.

We enable your organization’s transformation project that caters to your specific goals and challenges. With our unique organization design and strategy development expertise we are ready to challenge your thinking on organizational principles in the digital age. We can do that on all levels not just management. We support entry level teammates too. Just some of the ways we do that are workshops, pilots and keynotes at a company events. OOTW brings in fresh ideas and challenges your comfort zone.


Whatever your needs are, we always start by analyzing your business, your organization and determine your current level of responsiveness. Based on our Responsiveness Maturity Map, we discuss your current state, how you want your organization to work and what achievements your business requires in the future.


We develop a tailored solution and decide, together, the scope of transformation that is right for your needs. Pilots are key mechanisms we often use as first steps in transformation, particularly introducing new rulesets like Holacracy®. Of course, during the pilot we coach, train and facilitate the experience.

A transformation is a challenge and the harder it is, the better the pay off in the end.

Some of the results we strive for are: opening flows of communication, encouraging steady learning and fast adoption, promoting experimentation, and organize employees, partners, and customers by creating a shared purpose.


From culture change to facilitating productivity like never before - we ensure the right balance in transformation to support your business goals. We’re there with you and your team every step of the way by focusing on three key elements: your mindset, your people and creating tailored platforms and solutions for you.


Changing your mindset is crucial to transformational success. Our approach to the complex challenge of mindset change is anything but complex itself. We believe in small, responsive steps that help you change behavior and habits one at a time. Once you start, it gets easier to keep going and as you see the positive results, you and your team will be more motivated to continue. Shed the old ways of working and embrace the new. 



Responsive organizations are systems made by people for people. We use best practices and proven research and techniques to support the people in your organization. From autonomy to the mastery of new skills, your people are looking for personal and professional growth in their career. With responsiveness, your organization will empower your teams to fulfill their potential in the new working world. Make your people the cornerstone of your organization’s transformation. 


We build next generation operating models for your organization. That means we customize our solutions to your specific needs, making sure they align with your strategies, goals and enable your success. That is our objective and commitment. We use many reference frameworks and methods to effect change including, but not limited to: Holacracy®, Sociocracy, Swarm, Agile and Lean Management. You can expect transparency in our work and commitment to your strategic objectives no matter the type of solutions we implement.



We enable future organizations


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